Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What equipment is needed to become a knight?

To become a knight, that person would have to have a lot of money to buy the weapons and armour. Much of the weapons and armour were heavy, so there would be different types of equipment. Though there were many types of weapons and armour, not all of them were used.

The following were the weapons that knights used; their horse would have some equipment as well. Most would see knights with swords and lances, as they learnt how to use them as a squire. Axes were also used during battle; the battle-axe was used to attack other knights while fighting.

The flail and mace looked similar, but the flail has a chain attache
d to the weight at the end of the weapon. They both dealt deadly blows. They both were probably used by knights who attacked on foot, but it was also possible to attack from horseback.

Knights carried daggers by their side, in case of an unknown attack. It also helped knights as a close-combat weapon. Some knights probably carried crossbows or longbows with them to battles. The crossbow and longbow would’ve helped the knight with long-ranged attacks.

There were also many types of armour and helmets used. There were the conical helmets, basinet helmets and the barbute helmet used for battle. The Great Helm and the frog mouthed helmets were used for jousting. Different styles of helmets were made to protect the knights head form arrows or other attacks.

There was the chainmail and plate mail to protect the body from attacks. There were many parts to a plate mail, the breastplate, pauldron, tasset, gauntlet, greave and sabaton. However, there were also many other parts to a plate mail that protected the knights body.

These were most of the equipment needed to become, and protect, a knight. There were also other weapons and armour used by knights in battle or jousting.

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